Gregg Simpson | MkV Spitfire

MkV Spitfire

Probably the most famous aircraft of WWII, this is MkVb variant with clipped wings. EP120 was built at the Castle Bromwich factory and assigned to 501 sqn in 1942 and had seven confirmed kills.
Gregg Simpson | Spitfire PR Mk.XIX

Spitfire PR Mk.XIX

Spitfire PR Mk XIX PS915 entered service just after the war, assigned 541 Squadron at Benson in June 1945 before moving to Photo Reconnaissance Development Unit.
Gregg Simpson | Spitfire TE311 Mk LF XVIE

Spitfire TE311 Mk LF XVIE

Latest addition to BBMF is Spitfire TE311 Mk LF XVIE
Gregg Simpson | Great War Dual

Great War Dual

Bremont Great War Display Team - 1912 Royal Aircraft Factory BE2c and Fokker DR1 triplane flying at the 2018 IWM Duxford display
Gregg Simpson | Spitfire Mk1A

Spitfire Mk1A

Squadron Leader Geoffrey Stephenson's Spitfire Mk1A of 19 Squadron was shot down on its first combat mission over Dunkirk during Operation Dynamo May 1940, he crash landed the aircraft on the beach where it sank into the the sand and remained buried for almost 50 years. In 1986 after strong currents uncovered the wreckage, it was excavated during the spring of that year. The Spitfire was restored to flying condition and returned to the air in 2014.