Theodore Crush | Bubo Africanus

Bubo Africanus

Spotted eagle-owl
Theodore Crush | Because I'm worth it

Because I'm worth it

Exmoor pony, windswept mane
Theodore Crush | Seven Pointer

Seven Pointer

Red stag.
Theodore Crush | Eyes on the prize

Eyes on the prize

Is there a better visual representation of contentment than a dog waiting for the ball to be thrown
Theodore Crush | Calla 2

Calla 2

Colour study of an Arum lily
Theodore Crush | Calla


Birdlike Arum lily
Theodore Crush | Have a cigar

Have a cigar

'Come in here, dear boy, have a cigar You're gonna go far, you're gonna fly You're never gonna die You're gonna make it if you try.' - Roger Waters
Theodore Crush | The Lady of the hill of the Cross

The Lady of the hill of the Cross

This marvellous character hikes hundreds of steps daily up Lomo de la Cruz in Cuba and makes something of a living out of charging to have her photograph taken.
Theodore Crush | Cat Face

Cat Face

Will you look at that Cold eyes narrowed, unimpressed That face is cat face
Theodore Crush | Zatannaesque


Homage to a fabulous female magician
Theodore Crush | How many Exmoor ponies?

How many Exmoor ponies?

Distinctive black muzzles on this curious bunch of Exmoor ponies
Theodore Crush | Twinspirational


Twin sisters diptych, both images my own.
Theodore Crush | Siren


Oh sailors beware Resist the sirens allure Lest ye be shipwrecked
Theodore Crush | On Guard

On Guard

Model shot by me.
Theodore Crush | The Whiskers Brothers

The Whiskers Brothers

These cats posed like film stars!
Theodore Crush | Beautiful Thoughts

Beautiful Thoughts

In a challenging world it's great to capture and be reminded of the joy we can all find within our own minds.
Theodore Crush | Scratchpost


Exmoor pony demonstrating another use for a signpost.
Theodore Crush | The Exmoor Five

The Exmoor Five

Five Exmoor ponies, a-roaming!
Theodore Crush | Only Cowards stab you in the back

Only Cowards stab you in the back

My take on the femme fatale archetype
Theodore Crush | Van Gogh homage

Van Gogh homage

Sunflowers, shot by me and digitally manipulated.
Theodore Crush | Stumped in the Shade

Stumped in the Shade

Oil painting digital application to my photograph
Theodore Crush | Highland in Hayland

Highland in Hayland

Oil filter effect applied to my shot of a Highland cow grazing in the sun.
Theodore Crush | Sunset Swan

Sunset Swan

My portrait of a mute swan floating in water, also bathed in light by the setting sun.