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Theodore Crush | Angels and Demons

Angels and Demons

Roman Ivanyuchenko, fiberglass, steel, enamel conceptual statue part of the Angel-Demon parade, Lille, 2009
Theodore Crush | Poor Donald

Poor Donald

For sale poor Donald Laying in a field of glass He's seen better days.
Theodore Crush | Ancient Moai

Ancient Moai

I set a goal of spending the Millenium on Easter Island and achieved it. This unreleased moai within the Rano Raraku crater, Rapa Nui was shot on film.
Theodore Crush | Blue Sky Cacti

Blue Sky Cacti

Shot on Lanzarote
Theodore Crush | Cuba N

Cuba N

Azure seascape and rainbow through 'N' trunks of Cuban trees
Theodore Crush | Winter Memorial

Winter Memorial

An eroding tombstone in snowfall.
Theodore Crush | Carnival


Valetta, Malta.
Theodore Crush | BPS


Battersea Power Station before redevelopment began.
Theodore Crush | Resilience


How and why do single trees survive in isolated challenging environments?
Theodore Crush | The Magnificent Seven

The Magnificent Seven

Lynmouth beach, north Devon
Theodore Crush | Paper Lanterns

Paper Lanterns

Decorated by children and floated on the river Thames each August 6th to remember the victims of the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki 6th August 1945.
Theodore Crush | The Rising Tide

The Rising Tide

River Thames installation, 2015 at Vauxhall by Jason deCaires Taylor. Note the four horsemen lead you to the US embassy, then under construction. Battersea Power Station and Vauxhall Bridge are also in evidence
Theodore Crush | Capitolio


Havana, Cuba
Theodore Crush | Saddlestone


To the left of the gate is a stone that looks like a saddle, the location identifiable from afar by the avenue of trees.
Theodore Crush | By the Black Sea

By the Black Sea

Theodore Crush | US Embassy

US Embassy

Architectural detail, Vauxhall
Theodore Crush | Snowstorm


Theodore Crush | The Kiss

The Kiss

A tender moment against an iconic background
Theodore Crush | World at your feet

World at your feet

Celebrate success
Theodore Crush | Harpa concert hall

Harpa concert hall

Taken in Reykjavik, June 2019.
Theodore Crush | Hallsgrim


Imposing architecture, shot in Reykjavik, June 2019
Theodore Crush | Durdle Door

Durdle Door

Shot on the Jurassic Coast, Dorset, UK
Theodore Crush | Galaxy in flow

Galaxy in flow

The river Wensum in Norwich, looking like the galaxy
Theodore Crush | Norwich Cathedral

Norwich Cathedral

A composite of two of my images to showcase both the cloisters and the cathedral at Norwich.
Theodore Crush | Selfie after Maikover

Selfie after Maikover

These Maiko (apprentice Geisha) were drawing quite a crowd in Kyoto. I asked their permission which was granted to photograph them photographing themselves. Capturing these trainee traditionalists capturing themselves using a camera phone was a serendipitous moment. They are standing outside Shichimi, a dried red pepper store that has been in business for 360 years. The Japanese enjoy sprinkling dried red peppers on their noodles.
Theodore Crush | Heavenward


Interior of Exeter Cathedral
Theodore Crush | Capitolio after the rain

Capitolio after the rain

The Capitolio building, Havana, Cuba
Theodore Crush | Garreg Ddu dam

Garreg Ddu dam

Shot October 2019
Theodore Crush | Caban Coch dam

Caban Coch dam

Shot October 2019
Theodore Crush | Elephant Rock Symmetry

Elephant Rock Symmetry

An elephant mirrors Elephant Rock during my visit to Yala national park, Sri Lanka
Theodore Crush | Mannequins


Theodore Crush | Umbrian Sunset

Umbrian Sunset

Shot in Umbria, Italy
Theodore Crush | Lundy Old Lighthouse

Lundy Old Lighthouse

This image is not suitable for canvas.
Theodore Crush | Pinkfloydian Landscape

Pinkfloydian Landscape

The dude had just scaled another brick in the wall to mobile shoot the power station that the pig floated above. He's chimping at his capture of the view that is now extinct. I might have shot this at 3.30...
Theodore Crush | The Sun Voyager

The Sun Voyager

Jon Gunnar Arnason's 'The Sun Voyager' stainless steel sculpture, shot in the rain, Reykjavik.
Theodore Crush | Sticks and stones

Sticks and stones

The path leads to a ship...
Theodore Crush | The Grand Raven

The Grand Raven

I captured this resting raven on my visit to the Grand Canyon. What a domain to soar in!