Theodore Crush | Equiferus


My design featuring a Zebra, photographed in Cuba.
Theodore Crush | Altocalciphilia


For high heels lovers. Composite of my image, multiplied
Theodore Crush | Triple Heart Penetrated

Triple Heart Penetrated

Mixed media. Wax and metal sculpture, photgraphed and photoshopped.
Theodore Crush | Underwater Love

Underwater Love

Love is like being underwater, joyous, pressurised, dangerous... My photography digitally post edited.
Theodore Crush | Tasty


Conceptual licking of lips
Theodore Crush | Precious Earth Mother

Precious Earth Mother

We only have one planet... Conceptual composite, model shot by me, digital effects and painting by me, earth free stock obtained from NASA website.
Theodore Crush | Ballerina Kaleidoscope

Ballerina Kaleidoscope

Conceptual composite of my work
Theodore Crush | Balletic Aperture

Balletic Aperture

My composite of my shot of a Black Swanesque ballerina,
Theodore Crush | Ghost in the Machine

Ghost in the Machine

My portrait, messed with by a ghost in the machine...
Theodore Crush | Dream Date

Dream Date

Now who could resist a date with a Patterdale terrier in a tuxedo bringing sunflowers My composite of my photographs of me, Sprout the Patterdale and sunflowers
Theodore Crush | Elemental


Conceptual composite of my images, model, earth, air, fire and water.