Terri Waters | Female Chaffinch

Female Chaffinch

There are a pair of chaffinches that come to visit my garden. The female seen here is very brave and takes no notice of my coming and goings but the male is a bit more elusive. Female chaffinches are very similar in colour to the sparrows but their flying ability is much better and they virtually hover while at the feeders.
Terri Waters | Female House Sparrow

Female House Sparrow

This female house sparrow is much braver than the males that visit my garden. She has a beautiful song and hearing her is a real joy.
Terri Waters | Robin Portrait

Robin Portrait

A close up image of the UK's favourite bird, the robin. With its bright red breast and powerful song it is seen and heard throughout the year and especially popular at Christmas when it graces the front of many cards. A frequent visitor to gardens and bird feeders it is one of the most easily identifiable birds.
Terri Waters | A Cornish Chough

A Cornish Chough

It was wonderful on a walk out in May to hear the distinctive call then to see this handsome Cornish Chough on the West Penwith cliffs. Their return is a milestone in terms of UK range recovery for this captivating crow.
Terri Waters | Dunnock


A frequent visitor to my garden, this little dunnock, also known as a hedge sparrow, loves to sit on the fence in the sun to sing his beautiful song, unusual for these shy little birds. I like to think it's a thank you song for the seed that gets put out every day.
Terri Waters | Cormorant


The cormorant is a large and conspicuous waterbird with an almost primitive appearance. It is often seen perched on rocks with its broad spayed wings and broad tail held out to dry.
Terri Waters | Feathered Friends

Feathered Friends

A cormorant in it's classic pose with wings outstretched and a great black backed gull perched on a rock with the sea behind them.
Terri Waters | Collared Dove

Collared Dove

I love the pretty collared doves that visit my garden. We are lucky enough to have a pair but on this ocassion only one had come to see what was on offer. They are much more shy and dainty than the pigeons that fly in, wrecking the feeding station and scaring off the other birds but these have got used to me now and will sit preening their pinky buff coloured feathers while I peg out my washing.