Simon Rigby | Venice Sunset

Venice Sunset

Sunset over a Venice canal. A typical scene in this beautiful city.
Simon Rigby | Canalside Reflections

Canalside Reflections

Venice is a maze of footbridges, narrow passages and waterways. The ornate architecture in the buildings, coupled with the prevalence of water, makes for some great reflection opportunities.
Simon Rigby | St. Mark Square, Venice

St. Mark Square, Venice

Piazza San Marco during blue hour, just before the sun comes up. The architecture is amazing and the colour of the stonework is set off against the brilliant deep blue sky.
Simon Rigby | Gritty urban street scene, Venice

Gritty urban street scene, Venice

Stylised, film grain effect street shot taken in Venice early in 2019.
Simon Rigby | Cartwheeling into the sunset

Cartwheeling into the sunset

Taken on a foggy afternoon in Venice, a child performs some street acrobatics into the shadow of the setting sun
Simon Rigby | Atmospheric Venice canal scene

Atmospheric Venice canal scene

A typical Venetian urban scene, enhanced by the spectacular fog that descended that afternoon. The sun was so diffused I could shoot directly into it without blowing out any highlights. The conversion to monochrome helps to highlight the eerie atmosphere.
Simon Rigby | A Floating City

A Floating City

Venice is a city festooned with canals and pedestrian walkways. There are so few cars, which lends a unique atmosphere to the city. This shot is of the buildings next to the Accademia Bridge.
Simon Rigby | View From Accademia Bridge

View From Accademia Bridge

The view from Accademia Bridge in Venice. This shot was taken before sunrise in February with an 8 second exposure to smooth the water of the canal and capture those wonderful reflections from the lights along the canal.
Simon Rigby | View from Accademia Bridge

View from Accademia Bridge

The view from Accademia Bridge in Venice is a popular one for catching the first rays of sun. This shot was taken shortly before sunrise one crisp February morning.
Simon Rigby | Gondola Ride

Gondola Ride

A gondola ride down a quiet Venetian canal
Simon Rigby | Murano at sunset

Murano at sunset

Murano is the glass blowing island of Venice. Relatively quiet, compared to Venice itself. It has a similar feel to it in terms of buildings and still affords some cracking sunsets.