Simon Rigby | Central Archway, Newhaven Church

Central Archway, Newhaven Church

A close up shot, looking through the main archway of Newhaven Church to the churchyard beyond.
Simon Rigby | Herstmonceux Castle

Herstmonceux Castle

Atmospheric, moody capture of Herstmonceux Castle in East Sussex, taken from the far side of the lake
Simon Rigby | Tower Bridge at night

Tower Bridge at night

Long exposure shot of Tower Bridge after dark, taken from the South Bank.
Simon Rigby | Tower Bridge After Dark

Tower Bridge After Dark

Long exposure night shot on Tower Bridge, with an 8 second exposure. The light trails are from a passing double decker bus.
Simon Rigby | Celestial Sunlight

Celestial Sunlight

I was fortunate enough to capture these fantastic rays of sunshine filtering through on what had been an otherwise gloomy afternoon. It's a lovely old church at the best of times, but the rays really add to the atmosphere of the composition.
Simon Rigby | Somerset House

Somerset House

The courtyard in front of Somerset House is transformed into a public ice rink over the winter months. At night, the front is lit up in a fantastic array of colours.
Simon Rigby | Harveys


The iconic Harveys brewery in Lewes
Simon Rigby | Curzon Victoria

Curzon Victoria

Looking up at Curzon Victoria and Westminster City Hall from Victoria Street
Simon Rigby | Somerset House

Somerset House

Somerset House on London's Strand
Simon Rigby | South Bank Skyline

South Bank Skyline

View of the South Bank Tower and the Shard from Somerset House
Simon Rigby | East Dean church

East Dean church

The church at East Dean in Sussex
Simon Rigby | Basilica di San Marco

Basilica di San Marco

St. Mark's Basilica in Venice, taken during blue hour, just before the sun came up
Simon Rigby | Venetian Colour Wash

Venetian Colour Wash

A typical Venetian canal-side building, with its fantastic wash of vibrant colours. There are a great many opportunities to play around with reflections whilst exploring Venice.
Simon Rigby | Castle Entrance

Castle Entrance

The entranceway of Goodrich Castle in Herefordshire. This was taken looking in through the front gate
Simon Rigby | St. David's Cathedral

St. David's Cathedral

The magnificent St. David's Cathedral on the Pembrokeshire coast. It's extraordinary, both inside and outside.