Winter Time

Amanda Ainsley |  Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

This is The Stang Forest in Rural Teesdale, County Durham after a heavy snowfall.
Amanda Ainsley | Winter Woolies

Winter Woolies

A flock of sheep waiting to be fed on a snowy misty morning at a Teesdale Farm near the market town of Barnard Castle in County Durham.
Amanda Ainsley | Misty Winter Morning

Misty Winter Morning

This is sunrise on a Misty Winters Morning in Rural Teesdale, County Durham with fresh rabbit footings in the snow.
Amanda Ainsley | Misty Winters Morning

Misty Winters Morning

This is a Winter Scene with the sun trying to break through the mist. Taken in Flatts Wood at Barnard Castle, Co. Durham and overlooking the Golf Course.
Amanda Ainsley | Snowflakes in Woodland

Snowflakes in Woodland

This is a a snow storm on a woodland walk near the River Tees at Low Force in County Durham.
Amanda Ainsley | Solitary Snowflake

Solitary Snowflake

This is a macro image of a solitary snowflake and reflection that had landed on my car bonnet. No two snowflakes are identical making each one unique.
Amanda Ainsley |  Bleak Winters Day

Bleak Winters Day

This is a farm near Forest in Teesdale, County Durham. A very remote part of Teesdale where winters can be bleak and often the community are snowed in for days.
Amanda Ainsley | The Butter Market

The Butter Market

This is The Butter Market or Market Cross in the rural town of Barnard Castle, Teesdale in County Durham. People came here to buy and sell their wears. Built in 1747, the octagonal building has served as farmers' dairy market, Town Hall, court room, lock-up and fire station! The building is Grade 1 Listed and it is now a roundabout in the bustling town.