roz collins | Night Time Across The  River Vienne

Night Time Across The River Vienne

Long exposure capturing the late evening serenity and view across the River Vienne in South West France
roz collins | French Pyrenees

French Pyrenees

Image documenting a morning scene from a hamlet just outside St Jean Pied de Port, French Pyrenees. St Jean Pied de Port is famous as a starting point for the Camino also know as the Way of St James. This is an ancient pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela in far West Northern Spain.
roz collins | Le Phare, Cap Ferret

Le Phare, Cap Ferret

An abstract image of the lighthouse at Cap Ferret, Arcachon Basin, South West France.
roz collins | Truc Vert Beach

Truc Vert Beach

An image captured in the early evening on Truc Vert Beach near Cap Ferret - popular with kite surfers.
roz collins | Looking towards Arcachon

Looking towards Arcachon

An evening image captured from the beach in Le Canon. This is a village on the Arcachon Basin known for oyster fishing and looks across the basin to Arcachon. To the right of the picture you can see in the distance Europe’s largest sand dune.
roz collins | Le Canon, France

Le Canon, France

Frontage of Le Canon in th3 early evening.
roz collins | Restaurant Window, Le Canon

Restaurant Window, Le Canon

A breezy early evening in Le Canon.
roz collins | Truc Vert Beach, South West France

Truc Vert Beach, South West France

An evening image taken on Truc Vert Beach. Atlantic Ocean generates big waves and is a popular destination for surfers and kite surfers.
roz collins | Dusk over the River Loire

Dusk over the River Loire

Sunset overlooking the River Loire near Saumur.
roz collins | Evening Street Scene, Carfolens

Evening Street Scene, Carfolens

A typical evening street scene in the ancient medieval town of Carfolens, The Charent, France.
roz collins | Sunday Evening, Confolens

Sunday Evening, Confolens

A sultry Sunday evening, The Charente, France
roz collins | Confolens from Across the River Vienne

Confolens from Across the River Vienne

Confolens at dusk. Ancient foot bridge leading into the town.