Industrial Landscapes

David Hollingworth | Coal Store

Coal Store

The Central Coal Stores at British Steel, Scunthorpe where the coal is shipped in from Immingham Docks and other sources to feed the in House Powerstation
David Hollingworth | Heavy Duty Bridge Crane

Heavy Duty Bridge Crane

Industrial Landscape featuring The Bridge Crane to be found on The British Steel Scunthorpe Site
David Hollingworth | The Weir

The Weir

Probably one of the most photographed weir's in the North of England is the one at Salt Mills, Saltaire over which rages the River Aire in full flow heading down to Shipley and on to Leeds, The River is running high due to exceptionaly high amounts of Rain that has been experienced this winter. SOME CLIPPING WILL OCCUR IF A CANVAS WRAP IS ORDERED
David Hollingworth | The Iconic Salts Mill

The Iconic Salts Mill

Salt's Mill (or Salts Mill) is an art gallery, shopping and restaurant complex located in Saltaire, Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. It is inside a former mill, built by Sir Titus Salt. The 1853 gallery takes its name from the date of the building in which it is housed. Salt's Mill displays many paintings by local artist David Hockney, and also provides offices for Pace plc. When completed, it was the largest industrial building in the world by total floor area. It is a grade II* listed building. The mill closed in 1986, with renovation beginning the following year