Sunrise and Sunset

Kris Ohlsson | The Lone Surfer

The Lone Surfer

A Lone Surfer beginning the walk back to dry off after a session. A beautiful sunset falls into place behind him. The image has been given a waterpainted effect to allow for a smoother and relaxing feel.
Kris Ohlsson | A Warm Sunset in Crete

A Warm Sunset in Crete

The last glows of the day lay out over the surrounding mountains as Southern Crete settles into another peaceful night.
Kris Ohlsson | Agia Galini & Kokkinos Pyrgos

Agia Galini & Kokkinos Pyrgos

Looking down at Agia Galini and Kokkinos Pyrgos from the mountains behind as the sun sets and the moon rises, a really peaceful place to watch the world go by
Kris Ohlsson | Sunset Through The Trees

Sunset Through The Trees

The setting sun producing some wonderful pastel orange colours in the sky behind wintery trees, Taken at Thollon Les Memises in France
Kris Ohlsson | Sunset Surfer

Sunset Surfer

A Surfer returning to shore after a late evening session in the swell at Fistral Beach in Newquay, Cornwall. A waterpainting effect applied to give the image a smooth effect
Kris Ohlsson | The Fisherman's Night Off

The Fisherman's Night Off

A fishing boat resting at Agia Galini harbour in Crete awaiting a fresh coat of paint, the owner was sat in a Taverna watching the sun setting behind his boat, enjoying his night off with a few drinks.
Kris Ohlsson | Thollon Les Memisis Cliffs

Thollon Les Memisis Cliffs

Orange cliffs at sunset in Thollon Les Memises, The light cast a warming glow over the trees and mountain, set against a impending snow cloud
Kris Ohlsson | Paximadia Islets

Paximadia Islets

Paximadia Islets when viewed from mainland crete at sunset, It looks like one land mass although they are actually two small islets simply referred to as Big and Small. The waters around them frequently bear home to sea turtles and the name Paximadia is derived from the small rusk (dry bread) eaten in Greece.