Sunrise and Sunset

John Edwards | Heaven’s Light

Heaven’s Light

A digital oil painting of a sunset at Ironshore, Montego Bay, Jamaica.
John Edwards | Home to Roost

Home to Roost

A Snowy Egret (Egretta thula) settling down for the night at Mahoe Bay, Jamaica.
John Edwards | Evening at Snettisham Beach

Evening at Snettisham Beach

Twilight at Snettisham Beach, West Norfolk, England
John Edwards | Sunset, Hunstanton Beach, Norfolk

Sunset, Hunstanton Beach, Norfolk

A digital painting of a beautiful sunset seen from the promenade at Hunstanton on the shores of The Wash, Norfolk, England.
John Edwards | Beside a Silken Sea

Beside a Silken Sea

Two people walking their dog along the shoreline at Snettisham Beach, Norfolk as the sun sets over The Wash.
John Edwards | The House on the Strand

The House on the Strand

Looking out over The Wash towards Lincolnshire at sunset. Taken from Snettisham Beach, Norfolk, UK