Sunrises and Sunsets

David Hollingworth | North Bay Sunrise

North Bay Sunrise

Looking East a Rising Winter Sun casts it's golden rays on the Clouds over Bridlington's North Bay reflecting into the North Sea and Buildings Alike
David Hollingworth | Filey Sunset

Filey Sunset

The Setting Sun slips behind the East Yorkshire Wolds casting Filey into a shadow as you view the vista from the top of the southern cliffs at Thornwick Bay
David Hollingworth | Morning has Broken

Morning has Broken

A glorious Sunrise illuminates Slatwick Bay, Whitby in North Yorkshire as Day takes over from Night, Black Nab Rock Formation appears from the darkness ot the Night
David Hollingworth | Dawn at Saltwick Bay

Dawn at Saltwick Bay

A disappointing Sunrise was followed by this colourful display over the cliffs at Saltwick Bay, Whitby, the Sky was on fire for a short period of time
David Hollingworth | Wonderfull Sunset over Filey Brigg

Wonderfull Sunset over Filey Brigg

Filey Brigg is a long narrow peninsula situated about a mile north of Filey, North Yorkshire. Its steep cliffs are 20 metres high and consist of a variety of material, from pure sandstone to pure limestone. The landward end of the peninsula of Filey Brigg is known as Carr Naze, whilst the long neck of rock at the seaward end is called the Brigg.
David Hollingworth | Garden Sunset

Garden Sunset

Hidden Gem is this formal garden in the Village of Beeford Nr Driffield, East Yorkshire captured during a typical East Yorkshire Sunset
David Hollingworth | Red Dawn over Flamborough Head

Red Dawn over Flamborough Head

The sky turns a fiery red as the Sun rises over the Flamborough Headland this in turns reflected in the North Sea aat Bridlington's North Bay
David Hollingworth | Black Nab Dawn

Black Nab Dawn

Looking down over Black Nab at Saltwick Bay just south of Whitby, North Yorkshire as the partially hidden Sun rises and illuminates the Bay.
David Hollingworth | Golden Sunrise

Golden Sunrise

A True Golden Winter Sunrise caressing the North Sea at Bridlington North Bay on East Yorkshire Coastline
David Hollingworth | Coastal Twilight

Coastal Twilight

Winter's sun creates a red sky at Bridlington on the East Coast of Yorkshire, the promendaes railings catch the sunlight as it sinks below the western horizon
David Hollingworth | Red North Sea

Red North Sea

Flamborough Headland is cast into a shadow as the easterly sunrise develops behind the Headland resulting in red skies over the North Sea and the Red Clouds in turn sets the Sea in the North Bay, Bridlington alight.
David Hollingworth | Filey Evening

Filey Evening

A peacefull night settles over Filey in North Yorkshire.