Sunrise & sunset

Steve Stamford | solomons temple sunset

solomons temple sunset

Solomon's Temple is a simple, two storey tower built on the top of a hill known as Grin Low, just outside Buxton, Derbyshire, UK. As is so often the case with these things several versions exist of how it came to be. Just about the one thing people do agree on is that it has never been used as a place of Christian worship - so why 'Temple'
Steve Stamford | Stenson lock

Stenson lock

This is a rather spectacular sunrise at Stenson Lock on the Trent and Mersey canal, Derbyshire
Steve Stamford | Church in silhouette

Church in silhouette

Silhouette of a church against sunset
Steve Stamford | To the beach

To the beach

Footpath through the dunes on Llanddwyn Island, Anglesey, Wales as the sun sets over the sea.
Steve Stamford | Bamburgh castle reflection

Bamburgh castle reflection

Bamburgh Castle at sunrise.
Steve Stamford | Glen Etive sunset

Glen Etive sunset

This location was famous long before Skyfall or it became a set for Braveheart. On the day I visited the sky was somewhat lacking so by the wonders of digital editing I have replaced the sky.
Steve Stamford | Bamburgh castle sunrise

Bamburgh castle sunrise

Bamburgh Castle at sunrise.
Steve Stamford | Ocean Nova

Ocean Nova

Having left Troon harbour the Ocean Nova heads south down the Firth of Clyde crossing a setting sun.