The Working Horse Gallery

Trudi Simmonds | The Clydesdale

The Clydesdale

A composite image Original image taken Moora Working Horse Festival
Trudi Simmonds |  Fire Fire

Fire Fire

A composite image , fire truck and horses captured Echuca Steam Rally Background Old 'Talem Town' ,South Australia Digitally painted
Trudi Simmonds |  A Little Bit Country

A Little Bit Country

Sharing a chat with friends.... Photographic art, digitally painted Moora Working Horse Festival , Victoria, Australia
Trudi Simmonds |  Days in the Sun

Days in the Sun

Reflecting back on a job well done, loving life on the land Photographic Art / Digitally Painted Moora Working Horse Festival , Victoria Australia
Trudi Simmonds |  The Butchers Cart

The Butchers Cart

Deliveries are underway and two local k9 friends follow along in the hope of any meaty treats dropping from the cart !
Trudi Simmonds |  Just Another Day

Just Another Day

Clydesdale pair, Sovereign Hill Pioneer Village ,Ballarat, Victoria, Australia On purchase of this image you will receive a Reproduction Fine Art Print
Trudi Simmonds |  Workmates


Always nice to have a friend to provide a helping hand, the job always seems easier shared ! On purchase of this image you will receive a Fine Art Reproduction Print
Trudi Simmonds |  Farmyard Friends

Farmyard Friends

Temperatures in Australia regularly reach in excess of 40C during summer ,a lazy day on the farm see's all the animals gather around the trough and share some time under the tree's to cool off in the heat of the day. A photographic/digital painting
Trudi Simmonds | Forever In Blue Jeans

Forever In Blue Jeans

Always time for reflection after a long day on the farm , Heavy Horse Festival Werribee Victoria Australia
Trudi Simmonds | Bella


My beautiful Clydesdale Cross mare 'Bella' or Bella Boo as she is affectionately known , as a youngster
Trudi Simmonds | Troublesome Chickens

Troublesome Chickens

Always something happening on the farm !
Trudi Simmonds | A Days Travel

A Days Travel

'Phelan Team'
Trudi Simmonds | The Donkeys and The Geese

The Donkeys and The Geese

Farm yard friends take all shapes and sizes !
Trudi Simmonds |  Autumn Harrow

Autumn Harrow

A team of Clydesdale horses A composite image ,original photograph taken Moora working horse festival
Trudi Simmonds | Clydesdale Mare and Foal

Clydesdale Mare and Foal

l had a lovely afternoon photographing mares and foals at Haylands Stud in Diggers Rest, Victoria , Australia. Many thanks to Barb Ford for inviting me down
Trudi Simmonds | Foal Fun at Ford Farm

Foal Fun at Ford Farm

l had a lovely afternoon photographing Clydesdale mares with their foals at 'Haylands Stud' , Diggers Rest, Victoria Australia Many thanks to Barb Ford for inviting me down
Trudi Simmonds |  Days In The Dust

Days In The Dust

Days were long and hard for the farmer many years ago, but a mighty friend in the Heavy Horse helped make the job that little bit easier. Moora Working Horse Festival, Easter Long Weekend, Victoria Australia
Trudi Simmonds | One With The Team

One With The Team

Rick Talbot and Josh Taylor , Team from Rushworth Easter Festival , Victoria Australia