Alexey Stiop | Bourbon barrels

Bourbon barrels

Bourbon barrels in a warehouse at Woodford Reserve distillery in Kentucky
Alexey Stiop | Soda Fountain

Soda Fountain

Antique soda fountain in an old-fashion pharmacy store
Alexey Stiop | Grumpy old men

Grumpy old men

Wooden sculpture composition of two old men on a bench in a small fishing village of Siglufjordur, Iceland
Alexey Stiop | Anchor


Closeup image of an anchor of a large sailing boat
Alexey Stiop | In ice

In ice

Extreme close-up image of beautiful ice formations in an outdoor water feature
Alexey Stiop | Coffee bag

Coffee bag

Closeup image of a small burlap bag of coffee beans
Alexey Stiop | Lone tree

Lone tree

A lone bare tree on white background