New England Road Trip

David Birchall | Rockport Maine

Rockport Maine

Rockport is a small town in Knox County, Maine, USA. It's pretty location makes it a popular tourist destination much loved by artists, and it is home to a thriving artist community.
David Birchall | Country Store in New Hampshire

Country Store in New Hampshire

A traditional rural Country Store in the pretty New Hampshire town of Jackson, on a beautiful October day.
David Birchall | New England Harvest Display

New England Harvest Display

Traditional autumn harvest display at a rural country store in New England.
David Birchall | End Of The Road

End Of The Road

A derelict Ford truck from a bygone era spends it's last years rusting away outside an abandoned repair garage in rural Vermont, New England.
David Birchall | Rustic Country Store in New England

Rustic Country Store in New England

A rustic country store in rural Massachusetts, New England, America.
David Birchall | Grafton White Church

Grafton White Church

The pretty and traditional white church in the small town of Grafton, Vermont, New England, U.S.A
David Birchall | Albany covered bridge, New Hampshire.

Albany covered bridge, New Hampshire.

This covered bridge in Albany can be found just off the Kancamagus Highway, in the White Mountains area of New Hampshire
David Birchall | Pumpkins on the Porch

Pumpkins on the Porch

A traditional autumnal display on the porch of a house in Maine, New England, U.S.A
David Birchall | North Conway covered bridge.

North Conway covered bridge.

Covered bridge in North Conway, New Hampshire, America
David Birchall | Eagle Lake Reflections.

Eagle Lake Reflections.

Autumn reflections on Eagle Lake,Acadia National Park, Mount Desert Island, Maine, America
David Birchall | Connecticut River in Autumn

Connecticut River in Autumn

A tranquil scene on the River Naugatuck River in the New England state of Connecticut, with beautiful autumn colours reflected in the water.
David Birchall | Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, Maine, U.S.A

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, Maine, U.S.A

The Pemaquid Point Light is a historic U.S. lighthouse located in Bristol, Lincoln County, Maine, at the tip of the Pemaquid Neck. The lighthouse sits on a peninsula where interlaced streaks of granite and black lava produce some of Maine's most dramatic shoreline.
David Birchall | Chatham Lighthouse

Chatham Lighthouse

Chatham Lighthouse, known as Twin Lights prior to 1923, is a lighthouse in Chatham, Massachusetts, near the "elbow" of Cape Cod.