Christmas and Yuletide

Steve Stamford | Nativity scene

Nativity scene

A typical church style nativity scene depicting Mary and Joseph with the new born Jesus.
Steve Stamford | Christmas angel

Christmas angel

A Christmas tree decorated with lights, tinsel and baubles - and an angel.
Steve Stamford | Christmas tree decorated

Christmas tree decorated

A Christmas tree decorated with lights, tinsel and baubles.
Steve Stamford | Snow ho ho

Snow ho ho

A cheerful snowman with a gentle flurry of snowflakes - a lovely simple Christmas image. Be aware that if ordered on clocks or round coasters some of the snowflakes may be 'lost' at the edges.
Steve Stamford | Snow time

Snow time

A simple, cheerful montage of Christmas decorations to make you smile put together from my original images for fun. An ideal mug design but would also work on canvas, print and mouse mat.
Steve Stamford | Christmas table

Christmas table

I found this rather simple yet pleasing table decoration in a small church. The brightness of the display against the simple wooden background makes for an easy on the eye image.