UK Wildlife

Steve Stamford | Fallow deer fawn

Fallow deer fawn

A fallow deer fawn resting in grass.
Steve Stamford | Deer


A beautiful deer in winter sunshine.
Steve Stamford | Fallow Deer

Fallow Deer

The Fallow Deer (Dama dama) is a grazing animal that can be seen in mixed woodland and open grassland alike and so can be seen in many parts of the UK. Typical lifespan of 12 - 16 years. This one has looked up mid chew and has grass on the end of its nose.
Steve Stamford | Fallow deer stag

Fallow deer stag

A fallow deer stag in bracken.
Steve Stamford | Albino deer

Albino deer

A beautiful albino deer in winter sunshine.
Steve Stamford | Otter


This is an Asian small clawed otter - Aonyx cinerea. Otters have two states - utter manic activity - or sleep. This otter has just finished another bout of manic and has settled down to sleep.
Steve Stamford | Fallow deer buck

Fallow deer buck

The fallow deer is widespread and well suited to life in the UK. Easily distinguished from the red deer by the palmate (less pointy) antlers.
Steve Stamford | Fawn in sunlight

Fawn in sunlight

A fawn in winter sunlight.
Steve Stamford | Not now, I'm busy

Not now, I'm busy

Short clawed otter taking a power nap.
Steve Stamford | Fallow deer doe

Fallow deer doe

A fallow deer doe resting in grass.