Amanda Ainsley | Red Grouse Portrait

Red Grouse Portrait

This is a male Red Grouse with his distinctive red wattles and his unique call Go Back Go Back Go Back can be found on Moorland in Scotland, Northern England as far down as Derbyshire. A self sufficient and truly wild bird that relies on heather for food and cover from natural predators.
Amanda Ainsley | Sparring Pheasants

Sparring Pheasants

These two cock pheasants were sparring in the Spring time while guarding their females. It looks violent but it soon calmed down and the smaller one ran away.
Amanda Ainsley | Portrait of a Pheasant

Portrait of a Pheasant

This is a Male Ring Necked Pheasant. His Wattles are Bright Red particularly during the breeding season. He will have no part in rearing the young and is polygamous so will father many chicks over the season.
Amanda Ainsley | Blue Tit Portrait

Blue Tit Portrait

The Eurasian Blue Tit is a small member of the tit family. It is one of the prettiest of small birds that visit the garden with its blue, green and yellow plumage.
Amanda Ainsley | Common Snipe

Common Snipe

This is a common Snipe. It is a medium sized wading bird with short legs and long straight bill. They eat small invertibrates ie worms and larvae. Their natural habitat is Farmland, Grassland, Upland Moors and Wetlands.
Amanda Ainsley | Peering Out

Peering Out

This is a Little Owl peering out of his favourite hiding place. The smallest of our Owls in Britain yet not actually native but has settled here since introduction in 1889.
Amanda Ainsley | The Glorious Grouse

The Glorious Grouse

This is a Red Grouse in among the heather on Moorland in Teesdale County Durham.
Amanda Ainsley | Great Spotted Woodpecker

Great Spotted Woodpecker

The Great Spotted Woodpecker is pied-black and white with a red patch on the lower belly and also on the head. They have long tongues and extract maggots and insects from holes made in trees with their beaks.
Amanda Ainsley | Portrait of a Blue Tit

Portrait of a Blue Tit

This is a portrait of a Blue Tit. One of the smallest members of the Tit family it is very easily recognised by its blue, green and yellow feathers.
Amanda Ainsley | Red Grouse Portrait

Red Grouse Portrait

This is a male Red Grouse. The Red Grouse can be found on Moorland mainly in the North of England and Scotland and as low as the peak District. It is a truly wild and self sufficient bird, feeding on the young heather shoots and uses the long heather to take cover in. The male pairs up with the female and stays with her while the young chicks grow protecting then from predators to the best of his ability.
Amanda Ainsley | Open Wide

Open Wide

This is A Male Robin feeding his Female mate. In a mild winter, robins start courtship in January, but the breeding season normally begins in March. The birds pair only for the duration of the breeding season. He will feed her and supply over a third of her intake of food during the nesting and egg laying part of their relationship
Amanda Ainsley | In Fine Voice

In Fine Voice

This Robin was singing his heart out during the breeding season while his female was sitting on the nest.