Light Art

Amanda Ainsley | Spheres of Light

Spheres of Light

This is a photograph of a crystal ball set on a mirror and using led light wands to create patterns.
Amanda Ainsley | The Ruby One

The Ruby One

This is a Ruby orb which I created in the dark using led lightwands and white finger lights. Lightpainting is becoming a very popular art amongst photographers from all over the world. The equipment used to create these designs can be as simplistic as just using a basic torch to more specialised tools such as perspex blades and computerised pixel sticks.
Amanda Ainsley | Light Art with Glass Spheres

Light Art with Glass Spheres

This is a glass sphere which I placed on a mirror and used led light wands to create ribbons of light reflections.
Amanda Ainsley | Lightpainting with Spheres

Lightpainting with Spheres

This is lightpainting with led wands and a crystal ball placed on a mirror. Using long exposures to create ribbons of light reflected in the orb, shot in pure darkness.
Amanda Ainsley | Purple Swirls

Purple Swirls

This is an orb I created using an led light wand and a white finger light. Using a long exposure giving me 4 mins to draw my design in the pitch black. Light Painting is becoming very popular with many photographers and designs are getting more and more complicated using simple tools such as torches and led lights to more complicated perspex blades and light wands.
Amanda Ainsley | Fire Ball

Fire Ball

This is a light painting photography taken at Low Force Wood in Teesdale, County Durham near the waterfall. The trees were lit with an orange led torch and the fire ball was created using a giant sparkler. The ball stands 6' 4 tall.