antony atkinson | Newcastle Upon Tyne Bridge

Newcastle Upon Tyne Bridge

I took this photo whilst walking along Newcastle's Quayside, Looking down from Queens Street just off the Quayside you can have a glimpse side view of the Tyne Bridge. Completed in 1928 by Mott Hay and Anderson, this bridge is much like the Sydney Bridge in Australia and made by the same firm, both designs were cantered around the gate bridge in New York. It is the Bridge that stands prominent in Newcastle and what it is stands for
antony atkinson | Baltic Flour

Baltic Flour

whilst out walking I photographed the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art (also known simply as Baltic, stylised as BALTIC) is a centre for contemporary art located on the south bank of the River Tyne alongside the Gateshead Millennium Bridge in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, England. It hosts a frequently changing programme of exhibitions and events, with no permanent exhibition. It opened in 2002 in a converted flour mill. the Baltic is along the Gateshead side of Newcastle's Quayside.
antony atkinson | The Golden Bridge

The Golden Bridge

The Golden gate bridge sits in the heart of Newcastle taking traffic and over head trains to there destination through the city. Took this Photo whilst walking through Newcastles High Level Bridge, It had been raining but the sun still shone through the metal grating to the side of me, casting a lovely warm golden glow, the elements attached to the grating are Locks of Love, Padlocks that people or couples have attached to the bridge
antony atkinson | Port of Tyne

Port of Tyne

Took this photo of the Port of Tyne whilst crossing the high level bridge in Newcastle, the port of tyne is painted in a lovely white and red colour and stands out across the river.
antony atkinson | High Above Newcastle

High Above Newcastle

Took this Photo from the Tyne bridge. You can see St Nicolas Cathedral in the background, The Tyne Bridge sits high above the Quayside in Newcastle. I cartooned this photo to give it a slightly more coloured sketch feel to it, I believe this shows better the different array of Colours you can see as you look across and away from the Tyne bridge.
antony atkinson | A Brief look across Newcastle

A Brief look across Newcastle

I had taken this photo whilst out walking along the transport bridge in Newcastle, the photo shows the Port of Tyne bridge in a misty red and whit colour and the Tyne bridge that over shadows it, I took the photo with my D3300 Nikon.
antony atkinson | Towards the Tyne

Towards the Tyne

Took this photo whilst walking along the High Level Bridge in Newcastle, You can see the Port of Tyne and the Tyne Bridge from the High Level and also you get to view the start of the Quayside.