antony atkinson | Little Robin Red Breast

Little Robin Red Breast

Photo of this Robin with its brightly coloured red breast perched on a branch, with its distinctive red breast is a member of the thrush family, The Robin is a plump bird with bright orange-red breast, face, throat and cheeks edged with grey, a white belly and olive-brown upper parts.
antony atkinson | A Black Eyed Susan

A Black Eyed Susan

A Yellow Black Eyed Susan which is currently growing wild in Durham City near to the Durham Cathedral. With its bright yellow foliage and dark black inner circle makes a lovely contrast to a photo.
antony atkinson | Swans upon The Lake

Swans upon The Lake

Took this photo of Swans with there signets whilst out walking in Herrington's country park, The park (Herrington) sits just below Penshaw monument. Within the Herrington there is a large pond were the swans gather all year round.
antony atkinson | A Lonely Yellow Daffodill

A Lonely Yellow Daffodill

The most common of all daffodils, there are about 50 different varieties and I took this photo of a yellow daffodil whilst out walking through the woods. The Daffodil proper name is Narcissus, though it does come under various different names. The daffodil with its long sturdy green stem and its brightly yellowed or white petals and soft inner centre to attract butterflies or bumble bees or the odd honey bee. The daffodil is mostly a spring time flower and wild flower that not only grows in the garden but withing the woodlands through Europe.
antony atkinson | Love in The Sand

Love in The Sand

Love written in the sand at Sunderland Beach. Took this whilst out walking and thought it would make a lovely photo.