Scotland Highlands

antony atkinson | The Tartan Pipes

The Tartan Pipes

Band playing wearing tradition Scottish kilts and wraps and playing the bagpipes as they walk through Glasgow's Streets. Reds, greens and supporting white boots and wearing sporrans and whilst walking they are playing the bagpipes.
antony atkinson | Glen Coe

Glen Coe

Photo taken of Glen Coe in the afternoon whilst out walking with camera in hand. the sun was still out although there was a little cast across the valley it still made a great shot.
antony atkinson | Glen Nevis Scotland

Glen Nevis Scotland

Photo taken of Glen Nevis whist out walking during the day time, Glen Nevis is situated close to Fort William and is in the Highlands of Scotland.
antony atkinson | Glencoe


Taken whilst out cycling with my Nikon d300 camera, the sun was out and the sky was a little overcast casting shadows across the valley.
antony atkinson | Corpach in the Highlands

Corpach in the Highlands

Photo taken of an abandoned boat that sits in Corpach in Scotland in Lochaber near Ben Nevis and Fort William. Taken on a rainy day and makes a lovely picture.
antony atkinson | Glen Etive

Glen Etive

Photo taken of Glen Etive, Glen Etive is just a selection of mountains that span the highlands along with Ben Nevis, Glencoe and Glen Nevis that are near Fort William in Scotland.
antony atkinson | Mother and Son

Mother and Son

Two white horses out in the fields just below Ben Nevis and Glen Nevis mountains. Mother and son grazing the fields. Took this photo whilst out walking and thought this would make a lovely picture to hang on someone's wall.
antony atkinson | Glen Etive in the Scottish Highlands

Glen Etive in the Scottish Highlands

photo taken of Glen Etive in the Scottish Highlands, Glen Etive is just one of the mountains that gather around Ben Nevis including Glen Nevis, Glencoe. Taken on a warm sunny afternoon.
antony atkinson | All Aboard

All Aboard

Taken using a Nikon d3300 camera and of the stern end of a small fishing vessel out on the loch. Thought that this would make a good large poster for any wall.
antony atkinson | Waliking Nevis range

Waliking Nevis range

Taken this photo whilst out walking up towards Nevis Range in Fort William Lochaber, Nevis Range is close to Ben Nevis and Glencoe as well as Glen Nevis Torlundy in Scotland. It was a lovely clear day and the sunlight was cutting a pathway through the trees and thought it would make a lovely picture.