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Phil Wareham | Lihou Reflections

Lihou Reflections

Lihou is an island nature reserve off the west coast of Guernsey. For about two weeks each month it can be reached by a causeway at low tide.
Phil Wareham | Misty Mono Mountains

Misty Mono Mountains

Some of the mountains surrounding the northern part of Lake Garda partly shrouded with some low cloud. Captured from the promenade between Garda and Bardolino
Phil Wareham | Lazise Lake Garda

Lazise Lake Garda

On the eastern shore of Italy's largest lake, Lake Garda is the walled town of Lazise. It nestles close to Bardolino, one of the many wine producing areas of northern Italy
Phil Wareham | A Splash of Bardolino

A Splash of Bardolino

On a walk around the shores of Lake Garda, Italy between Garda and Bardolino, a small wave splashes over a rock with a background of reeds
Phil Wareham | Lakeside Lazise

Lakeside Lazise

The promenade at Lazise on Lake Garda looking back towards Bardolino
Phil Wareham | River Stour Sunrise

River Stour Sunrise

The River Stour close to Wimborne just after sunrise, a little mist still clinging to the fields and the river's edge
Phil Wareham | Cottage on the Stour

Cottage on the Stour

A cottage close to Throop Mill on the River Stour, Bournemouth.
Phil Wareham | Mogshade Mono

Mogshade Mono

Mogshade Pond is in the New Forest close to the A31 between Ringwood and Cadnam. This was captured on a gloomy winter afternoon making the conversion to black and white an obvious choice.
Phil Wareham | Bellagio


At the junction of the two legs of Lake Como, Bellagio is a small town known as The Jewel of the Lake. The lake lies close to the border with Switzerland in Lomabardy
Phil Wareham | Mist at Whitten Pond

Mist at Whitten Pond

A misty start to the day at Whitten Pond on the western edge of the New Forest National Park. The pond, found close to the road between Burley and Bransgore, is a favourite watering place for the local New Forest ponies
Phil Wareham | Pulteney Bridge Bath

Pulteney Bridge Bath

Pulteney Bridge reflected in the waters of the River Avon in a night shot. It was completed in 1774 and was built to connect the estates of the Pulteney family with the city of Bath
Phil Wareham | The Blandford Stour

The Blandford Stour

The River Stour from Preetz Bridge, Blandford, Dorset. The remains of a bridge that used to span the river carrying the railway line that used to serve the town butts against the riverbank.
Phil Wareham | Canford Magna

Canford Magna

Part of the old mill that now is part of the school and the weir on the River Stour at Canford Magna
Phil Wareham | Lecco Lake Como

Lecco Lake Como

Lake Como in northern Italy when viewed from overhead is shaped like an inverted Y. Lecco is located at the southern end of the eastern leg of the Y. Beyond the Campanile San Nicolo, shrouded in low cloud is San Martino and Cappelatta San Martino
Phil Wareham | Night time Bellagio

Night time Bellagio

Lake Como is the third largest of the Italian lakes behind Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore. It is shaped like an inverted Y with Colico at the northern end, Lecco at the bottom of the south east leg, Como at the bottom of the south west and Bellagio, known as the Jewel of the Lake, situated at the junction of the two legs. Sea planes are based on the lake and as a result Lake Como is the longest runway in the world.
Phil Wareham | Frome Sunrise

Frome Sunrise

A pre sunrise shot from the bridge across the River Frome in Wareham, Dorset The bridge marks the highest navigable point on the Frome as it empties into Poole Harbour
Phil Wareham | Rialto Bridge Venice

Rialto Bridge Venice

Venice, the Grand Canal and the Rialto Bridge. An iconic shot of this famous thoroughfare complete with the ubiquitous gondola.
Phil Wareham | Reflecting on Mogshade

Reflecting on Mogshade

A largely seasonal pond on Mogshade Hill in the New Forest National Park. Converted to black and white to enhance the reflections on the pond's surface
Phil Wareham | Sirmione Staging

Sirmione Staging

A landing stage in Sirmione that has definitely seen better days. The town of Sirmione is on a peninsula at the southern end of Lake Garda, Italy's largest lake
Phil Wareham | Misty Mogshade Morning

Misty Mogshade Morning

Part of the New Forest National Park close to the pond at Mogshade Hill. A morning when the sunrise was obscured by mist and then as I returned to the car the sun burnt through giving this rather moody image.