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Steve Stamford | Peak District Barn

Peak District Barn

The Peak District of derbyshire has many, many such abandoned barns. Planners won't allow conversion to accommodation, farmers don't need them - so the yare left to fall down.
Steve Stamford | Penshaw Monument 2

Penshaw Monument 2

Standing on top of a 136m (446ft) hill above Sunderland is the Earl of Durham's Monument probably more widely known as Penshaw Monument . It is a half size replica of the Temple of Hephaestus in Athens and as you can see here is beautifully lit at night. The moon, whilst there, was not in the place I wanted it to be so has been edited to appear in the location seen here.
Steve Stamford | Love me love my dog

Love me love my dog

Dog prints on the beach surrounded by a heart shape drawn with a pointy stick.
Steve Stamford | Abbey Street Bath

Abbey Street Bath

A light sprinkling of rain gives the cobbled Abbey Street in Bath an attractive reflective quality.
Steve Stamford | Sleeping tiger

Sleeping tiger

Let sleeping tigers be. Despite appearances this seemingly sleeping tiger was instantly alert whenever something brightly coloured and child sized came near. Sumatran tiger
Steve Stamford | British garden birds

British garden birds

A small selection of British garden birds. Chaffinch, Great Tit, Blue Tit, Greenfinch.
Steve Stamford | A bowl of pears

A bowl of pears

A simple still life image of a bowl of pears on a wooden table with a gently soft background.
Steve Stamford | Steam train wheel

Steam train wheel

Very close up detail of a steam train wheel
Steve Stamford | The curious cow

The curious cow

A walk along a country path lead to this chance meeting with a curious cow
Steve Stamford | Corsican Pine Canopy

Corsican Pine Canopy

The Corsican Pine - Pinus nigra is an extremely hardly tree that is even happy to grow in sand and resistant to salt spray making it a popular choice for coastal forestry.