Black and White and landscape

Rina Devine | Cambridge Bicycle

Cambridge Bicycle

A true staple of Cambridge is the bicycle. This is a black and white image, with a vintage feel to it, I have added lots of grain to image to achieve this style.
Rina Devine | The Waterside

The Waterside

High key image, of the waterside, with birds flying away
Rina Devine | Storm approaching

Storm approaching

A storm approaching at Guadalmesi, Tarifa Spain
Rina Devine | Vintage Facade

Vintage Facade

Quaint balcony and windows, in Main Street, Gibraltar
Rina Devine | We are what your eyes see

We are what your eyes see

Abstract image, you decide what we are Umbrellas Trees Boats or something completely different. Down to you.
Rina Devine | The Stairway

The Stairway

A quaint stairway full of character
Rina Devine | Pathway to the Tower

Pathway to the Tower

A lovely pathway leading to Guadalmasi Tower in Tarifa, Spain, a lovely area for walking
Rina Devine | The Tree

The Tree

Black and white image of a lone tree surrounded by birds. This is a high key image