Gary Clarricoates | A Poppy Sunset

A Poppy Sunset

Located in Corbridge a field of poppies came alive. The sun setting produced a special moment. The Northumberland village located 16miles west of Newcastle and 4miles east of Hexham, produced an abundancy of poppies.
Gary Clarricoates | A Red Sunset

A Red Sunset

A field in the village of Corbridge produced a blanket of poppies. On this summers evening I managed to capture the poppies in full bloom and a beautiful sunset.
Gary Clarricoates | On A Summers Evening

On A Summers Evening

Sycamore Gap tree is one famous in the UK. It is situated in a dramatic dip in Hadrian’s Wall in the Northumberland National Park.
Gary Clarricoates | Walking into the Sunset

Walking into the Sunset

A lone dog walker excising her dog at northumberlandia at sunset. With the sun setting makes a great silhouette of the lady walking up the land sculpture.
Gary Clarricoates | Catching Fire

Catching Fire

The Duddo standing stones are located in Northumberland. This is Northumberlands equivalent too Stonehenge. This particular shot was taken when the sun had just set and the clouds caught alight.
Gary Clarricoates | An Oak in Gold 2

An Oak in Gold 2

A oak tree in the middle of an oil seed rape field in northumberland. This simple image was taken prior to sunset.
Gary Clarricoates | An Oak in Gold

An Oak in Gold

A lone oak in an oil seed rape field in Northumberland. I captured this image as nice light caught the tree.
Gary Clarricoates | A Wind Turbine Sunset

A Wind Turbine Sunset

Several wind turbine farms are located across the UK. This wind turbine was located in Northumberland.
Gary Clarricoates | Northumberlandia on Fire

Northumberlandia on Fire

Northumberland is a huge land sculpture in the shape of a reclining woman, situated near Cramlington. This image was taken when the sky caught fire. Doubtless to say I was very pleased with the outcome.
Gary Clarricoates | Northumberland Gem

Northumberland Gem

Hareshaw Linn is a beautiful waterfall located in Northumberland after a senic woodland walk.
Gary Clarricoates | A Red Meadow

A Red Meadow

Poppies are flowing plants often grown for the colourful flowers. Poppies have become a symbol of remembrance of soldiers that have died during wartime.
Gary Clarricoates | Starry Night at St Andrew’s Church

Starry Night at St Andrew’s Church

St Andrew’s Church is located in Shotley in Northumberland. This isolated church was a great subject to be light painted under a starry night.
Gary Clarricoates | Valley of Beauty

Valley of Beauty

A lone walker passing underneath a sycamore in Northumberland during the twilight hours.
Gary Clarricoates | Under the Tree

Under the Tree

This image shows beneath the canopy of Sycamore Gap. It produced a fabulous silhouette with the sunset in the background.
Gary Clarricoates | A Field of Red

A Field of Red

In a field in Northumberland a thing of beauty materialised. This image was taken in afternoon sun when the poppies were in full bloom.
Gary Clarricoates | Seaham Under Attack

Seaham Under Attack

Seaham Lighthouse and Pier takes a battering from mother nature. Large waves and high winds provide a formidable test for the lighthouse and pier.