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Jon Rendle | Sunset Surfers

Sunset Surfers

Surfers at Polzeath beach, Cornwall, with a stunning sunset backdrop and reflections
Jon Rendle | Rame Head Sunset

Rame Head Sunset

The sun setting over Rame Head, Cornwall. The beginings of a solar pillar can be seen above the setting sun.
Jon Rendle | Mewstone Sunset

Mewstone Sunset

The Mewstone is a small island off the coast of Wembury, South Devon. Photographed here from Wembury Point.
Jon Rendle | Sunset Stroll

Sunset Stroll

People enjoying the sunset at Polzeath beach, Cornwall.
Jon Rendle | Sutton Harbour Reflections

Sutton Harbour Reflections

Sutton Harbour Marina is situated next to the historic Barbican area of Plymouth.
Jon Rendle | Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing

Mount Batten Breakwater in Plymouth is a popular spot for fishing
Jon Rendle | Venice Reflections

Venice Reflections

A beautifully varnished wooden speedboat in Venice, reflecting a building in Murano, Venice, Italy.
Jon Rendle | Venice Street at Sunset

Venice Street at Sunset

A quiet side street in the Cannaregio district of Venice, at sunset