Candid Portraits

David Hollingworth | GI


American GI taking part in Bridlingon Old Town's 1940 Festival during 2018 I have attempted to portray the sheer grit and determination of the Role undertaken by the reenactor.
David Hollingworth | A Southern Lass

A Southern Lass

A member of the American Civil War Society taking part in the re-enactment of the Battle of Appomattox as a Soldier in the Confederate Army at Sewerby Hall
David Hollingworth | Dog Tired

Dog Tired

Candid Portrait of a southern gentleman played by a re-anactor in the American Civil War sat in his Tent dropping off to sleep. He was having some downtime During an American Civil War Society Battle Re-enactment at Sewerby Hall, Bridlington, England
David Hollingworth | Steam Punks at Whitby

Steam Punks at Whitby

A small group of Steam Punks stop on Sandgate to have their photographs taken by a Photographer who might well be a steampunk
David Hollingworth | From The Ashes

From The Ashes

The Black Widow arises from the ashes at the Whitby Gothic Festival, Please note that this is a composite photograph.