South Wales

Daniel Davidson | Nash Point Landscape

Nash Point Landscape

Nash Point beach at Golden Hour, on the Welsh coastline and Vale of Glamorgan
Daniel Davidson | Nash Point Portrait

Nash Point Portrait

A portrait orientated image of Nash Point beach in the Vale of Glamorgan South Wales
Daniel Davidson | Porthcawl Storm Square

Porthcawl Storm Square

Storm Brian shows his power as the waves bash against the harbour wall and lighthouse at Porthcawl beach. This image is a perfect square, so please ensure that you choose a square size from the options.
Daniel Davidson | Porthcawl Lighthouse

Porthcawl Lighthouse

Porthcawl lighthouse and pier wall take a bashing during Storm Brian - South Wales
Daniel Davidson | Wales Millennium Centre

Wales Millennium Centre

The powerful gold front to the Wales Millennium Centre at Cardiff Bay, Wales, on a moody day
Daniel Davidson | Bae Caerdydd

Bae Caerdydd

Cardiff Bay or Bae Caerdydd is always full of water thanks to the new barrage as the bay and local rivers meet the Bristol Channel
Daniel Davidson | End of the Pier

End of the Pier

A long exposure on a wet day at the end of the Victorian Penarth Pier in the Vale of Glamorgan
Daniel Davidson | Pierhead


The Pierhead building in Cardiff Bay is probably the most notable landmark with the most history attached and the orange brickwork makes it stand out against the sky on a sunny day
Daniel Davidson | Mermaid Quay

Mermaid Quay

Mermaid Quay in Cardiff Bay with the Pierhead Building keeping an eye on proceedings