Doors and Shutters

Roz Collins | Vintage Door Abstract

Vintage Door Abstract

An attractive old French door in the midday sun. An interesting and detailed abstract composition.
Roz Collins | Yellow Shutters, Le Canon, France

Yellow Shutters, Le Canon, France

Shutters in a small oyster fishermans house in Le Canon, Arcachon Basin, France.
Roz Collins | Dark Green Shutters, L’Herbe, France

Dark Green Shutters, L’Herbe, France

Fisherman’s shack, L’Herbe, Arcachon Basin, France
Roz Collins | Green Shutter, L'Herbe

Green Shutter, L'Herbe

A vintage pair of shutters found in L'Herbe Arcachon Basin, France. The shutters cover a window in a fishermans shack.
Roz Collins | Entrance to the Past

Entrance to the Past

An ornate door to a derelict and ancient building in Haro, Spain.
Roz Collins | Secluded Window, L'Herbe

Secluded Window, L'Herbe

A window with character found in L'Herbe, Arcachon Basin, France. This window and shutters belong to an oyster fishermans shack next to the ocean.
Roz Collins | Blue Shutters, Le Canon

Blue Shutters, Le Canon

Blue shutters on an oyster fishermans residence in Le Canon, Arcachon Basin.
Roz Collins | Vintage Window Abstract

Vintage Window Abstract

An ornate window with shutters behind in a derelict building, Vila Cova de Alva, Portugal
Roz Collins | Axe Door Handles

Axe Door Handles

Unusual axe door handles observed on a door in Lamego, Northern Portugal
Roz Collins | Delapidated Door, Portugal

Delapidated Door, Portugal

An abstract image depicting a delapidated door found in Barril de Alva, Central Portugal