Roz Collins | The Pharmacy, Confolens

The Pharmacy, Confolens

An image capturing the vintage frontage of the Pharmacie in the centre of Confolens
Roz Collins | Vintage Kina Lilet Advert

Vintage Kina Lilet Advert

A vintage Kina Lilet advert on the side of a house in St Germain de Confolens. Kina Lilet is a French wine-based aperitif. The image captures the texture of the wall and fading dominance of the original art work.
Roz Collins | Oyster Farm, Le Canon

Oyster Farm, Le Canon

Sign for one of the many oyster farms around the Arcachon Basin in South West France. These exquisite villages are made up of wooden shacks where the fishermen live, right on the waters edge.
Roz Collins | Camino Scallop Shell

Camino Scallop Shell

A brass pavement plaque observed in the old part of Luga, guiding pilgrims on the Camino, an ancient Pilgrimage route across Spain to Santiago de Compostela.
Roz Collins | Cafe Culture, Coimbra

Cafe Culture, Coimbra

A retro neon sign above the entrance to a cafe in the university district of Coimbra, Portugals’ Third City.