Isle of Skye (Trotternish Peninsula)

David McHutchison | The Storr from Loch Fada

The Storr from Loch Fada

Looking across Loch Fada towards the Storr Escarpment and, of course, the Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye.
David McHutchison | The Storr

The Storr

The Storr Escarpment, seen from the south and showing, of course, the Old Man of Storr
David McHutchison | Broody Old Man

Broody Old Man

The Old Man of Storr, as with the Trotternish Peninsula and the Isle of Skye in general, sees a phenomenal range of weather conditions - sometimes all at the same time! None is as breathtaking as when some broody rain clouds are closing in.
David McHutchison | Fairy Glen

Fairy Glen

Skye's Fairy Glen has become one of the must see locations, though that has its downside. It can be difficult to get any time there without it being swamped by tourists. It's also difficult to get good lighting there, so when I visited to find good lighting and few people wandering around, I was more than a little pleased. The prominent feature, Castle Ewen, is in fact not a castle at all but a natural rock formation. If you watch the film Stardust you will see this over Michelle Pfeiffer's shoulder in one scene. The fairy ring of stones in the foreground is certainly not natural. Sadly it's just been formed to promote the mythical nature of the place. Even without that, the Fairy Glen has a very odd feel. It's a landscape in miniature, and really has to be seen to be appreciated fully.
David McHutchison | Uig Waterfall

Uig Waterfall

This hidden gem can be difficult to photograph, being quite gloomy against a bright patch of sky, but on this occasion I was able to strike a good balance while capturing the lovely cascade at the foot of the falls.
David McHutchison | The Table - Quiraing

The Table - Quiraing

The Table is a flat, sunken piece of land about the size of a football pitch, hidden in the Quiraing. By walking along the escarpment above we get this view down (with Staffin Bay in the distance).
David McHutchison | Quiraing Sunrise

Quiraing Sunrise

Towards the northern end of the Trotternish Peninsula, just beyond Staffin, lies the Quiraing. This is a spectacular area and lends itself well to morning light. It's often seen in films and TV ads, and there's little wonder why. It's a special place.
David McHutchison | Old Man of Storr Close-up

Old Man of Storr Close-up

Morning light on the Old Man in February with the distant Black Cuillin at Sligachan behind.
David McHutchison | First Light on the Storr

First Light on the Storr

First light at the Old Man of Storr in winter or spring is an indescribable delight, and you don't even need to be up as early as you would later in the year! The sun rises over the distant mainland mountains and casts a wonderful light. The pink hues seen here in the snow are perfectly genuine.