Roseberry Topping

richard sayer | Thors Hammer

Thors Hammer

The most famous of the Cleveland hills, Roseberry Topping. Drawing hikers from all around. The view from the top is spectacular.
richard sayer | Summer Heat

Summer Heat

The heather comes into bloom during the heat of July in North Yorkshire. Take plenty of water with you s its a long climb to the top of Roseberry Topping.
richard sayer | Bazing Glory

Bazing Glory

A view overlooking Captain Cook Country. Taken from a rocky ledge in an abandoned quarry. Great Ayton and Little Ayton a little way down the valley. The Boy hood home of Captain Cook. With The famous Roseberry Topping hill in the distance.
richard sayer | Natures Mirror

Natures Mirror

Roseberry Topping, gateway to the North Yorkshire Moor. Standing proud at the highest peak in the Cleveland Hills, it draws walkers from all around to admire the view from its summit. Heather strewn in late summer and covered in snow during the winter months.
richard sayer | Roseberry Vista

Roseberry Vista

The famous Roseberry Topping Hill in North Yorkshire. Providing great views of the Tees Valley in all directions to those who make it to its summit.
richard sayer | Icing Sugar

Icing Sugar

After a light flurry of February snow, the sun sets over Roseberry Topping. Marking the end of a good days hike in Gods country. Having walked from the Topping to Captain Cooks monument its time to rest the weary legs and just admire the view.