Howard Corlett | Rock Art 5

Rock Art 5

Patterns in rock formations from rocks and lichen incorporating a fractalius border
Howard Corlett | Knots and bolts

Knots and bolts

Some rusty bolts and knots in wood from sea defences create a colourful abstract image.
Howard Corlett | Pulteney Weir

Pulteney Weir

A close-up shot of Pulteney Weir near Pulteney Bridge in Bath produces a symmetrical abstract image.
Howard Corlett | Rock Art 4

Rock Art 4

Patterns formed by rock formations incorporating fractalius borders
Howard Corlett | Matchstick men

Matchstick men

Looking down on some people from the Echo Wheel of Liverpool.
Howard Corlett | De La Warr Lamp

De La Warr Lamp

The suspended lamp in the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill-on-Sea produces an interesting abstract image with curves and lines.
Howard Corlett | Flamingo Feathers

Flamingo Feathers

A close-up shot of flamingo feathers produces a colourful abstract image.
Howard Corlett | Jellyfish Jamboree

Jellyfish Jamboree

A mesmerising abstract image of small jellyfish.
Howard Corlett | Beach umbrellas

Beach umbrellas

A scene of beach umbrellas processed with fractalius to create an abstract image.
Howard Corlett | Clock Faces

Clock Faces

An abstract image of sections of three clocks showing different times
Howard Corlett | Coloured bicycles 2

Coloured bicycles 2

Coloured bicycles and chain create an abstract image
Howard Corlett | Apple


A section of a metal sculpture of half an apple creates an image full of texture.
Howard Corlett | Aldeburgh shell sculpture

Aldeburgh shell sculpture

Part of the shell sculpture on the beach at Aldeburgh, Suffolk.
Howard Corlett | Coloured bicycles

Coloured bicycles

Selective colouring used on an image of two bicycles
Howard Corlett | Tiger, tiger, burning bright

Tiger, tiger, burning bright

Image of a tiger processed using fractalius
Howard Corlett | Shades of pale

Shades of pale

Pastel coloured beach huts on Mersea Island in Essex
Howard Corlett | Tangled rope

Tangled rope

A black and white image of a tangle of ropes creates an abstract image.
Howard Corlett | Wild Flower Garden

Wild Flower Garden

One pink flower stands out amongst the others.
Howard Corlett | Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

Autumnal colours of leaves with an added fractal effect.
Howard Corlett | Waiting for hire

Waiting for hire

Early morning by the river at Knaresborough before hte tourists arrived.
Howard Corlett | Lightship abstract

Lightship abstract

An abstract image of part of a lightship based at Tollesbury in Essex.
Howard Corlett | Giraffe abstract

Giraffe abstract

An abstract image from just a small part of a giraffe's body.
Howard Corlett | Rose display

Rose display

A display of roses at a garden centre.
Howard Corlett | Playground abstract

Playground abstract

Part of a splashpark area in Malson produces a colourful abstract image