Animal Portraits

richard sayer | Eagle Owl

Eagle Owl

A portrait of an Eagle Owl. Ever watchful for its next meal.
richard sayer | HIghland Cow

HIghland Cow

The famous Scottish Highland cow. Instantly recognisable around the world. Its thick hair protects it from the harsh Scottish environment.
richard sayer | Red Breast

Red Breast

The little Robin. Easily one of the most identifiable birds in the world. Synonymous with Christmas, but present in the UK all year round.
richard sayer | Parrot Portrait

Parrot Portrait

A yellow green Macaw. Native to South America.
richard sayer | Proud Peacock

Proud Peacock

A beautiful peacock strutting his stuff.
richard sayer | Herring Gull Portrait

Herring Gull Portrait

A large Herring Gull standing and waiting to be fed, rather than catching its own food. The are frequently found in many coastal towns like Whitby. Ready to snatch food from unsuspecting tourists.