Floral Frenzy

richard sayer | Classic Calla Lily

Classic Calla Lily

The classic white Calla Lily. Simple and elegant. Native to Southern Africa it is now found on every continent except for Antarctica. It is also known as the Arum Lily and is hardy enough to be grown outdoors.
richard sayer | Dew Kissed

Dew Kissed

A pink tulip bud awaiting a sunny spring day to open. Lightly covered in dew on an April day.
richard sayer | Blue Flag Iris

Blue Flag Iris

A blue Iris flower digital water colour. The species gets their name from the Greek word for Rainbow.
richard sayer | Dew Drops

Dew Drops

A macro picture of a pink tulip with droplets of dew on the petals. Digitally altered to give a water colour feel.
richard sayer | Clean and Simple

Clean and Simple

A beautiful white Gerbera Daisy. Beautiful and elegant white petals give a sense of delicacy and cleanness that coloured flowers somehow lack.