richard sayer | Refelctions of Journeys Never Taken

Refelctions of Journeys Never Taken

A solitary boat on calm waters. Going no where, but dreaming of the open ocean. It's hopes and dreams for the deep blue sea put on hold until a crew arrives.
richard sayer | Shepherds Delight

Shepherds Delight

After climbing the 199 steps and counting them all to be sure the weary tourist is greeted with this beautiful sight, Whitby Abbey. In the abbey grounds you can enjoy tea and a sandwich, or if the day is hot have an ice cream to cool yourself down before looking for Count Draculas grave.
richard sayer | Mind Your Step

Mind Your Step

Whitby's famous 199 steps during a downpour. After climbing up the steps, the rain was a welcome relief. Cooling me down after getting rather hot from the ascent. The view from the steps is one of the most famous in Whitby and many a person stops on the steps to take this shot.
richard sayer | Into the Abyss

Into the Abyss

Whitby lighthouse perched at the edge of the world. Shrouded in fog it first guided ships to safety back in 1858.
richard sayer | Whitby Wanderer

Whitby Wanderer

Whitby's famous 199 steps leading tourists down to the harbour below.
richard sayer | Rainbow


The beach huts at Whitby after a rain. Creating a rainbow of colours along the promenade.
richard sayer | Whitby Vista

Whitby Vista

A view overlooking the seaside town of Whitby. The church of St Mary can be seen on the opposite cliff and the famous Whale bone arch in the foreground. The bones where replaced by fiberglass replicas many years ago.
richard sayer | Whitby Port

Whitby Port

Looking down from the road bridge over the port of Whitby. Perched on the cliffs are the world famous Abbey and church. The town was made famous by Bram Stoker who wrote Dracula after being inspired by the gothic splendour of the Abbey. It is said that Dracula is buried in the graveyard of the church.
richard sayer | A Grand Day Out

A Grand Day Out

As the sun goes down in Whitby a few weary tourists make their way to and from the famous 199 steps. Even though you know there's 199 steps, you can't help but count them. First to the top buys the ice creams.
richard sayer | Whitby Express

Whitby Express

The North Yorkshire Steam train. Bound for Whitby it ferries passengers in vintage carriages giving the journey a romantic, nostalgic feel.
richard sayer | Loco Motion

Loco Motion

One of the steam engines on the Whitby Line. Take a nostalgic trip through the North Yorkshire Moors in style.
richard sayer | Nostalgic Journey

Nostalgic Journey

The North Yorkshire Moor heritage railway. Taking passengers to the seaside town of Whitby. Travel in style in one of the vintage carriages as it takes you to the quaint villages along the way.
richard sayer | Runswick Bay

Runswick Bay

Nestled in a sheltered bay is the little fishing village of Runswick Bay. Part of the Heritage Coast it is part of a tourist route, along with Staithes, Sandsend and Whitby.
richard sayer | The Kraken

The Kraken

In the swirling North Sea rises the Black Nab. Like a mighty Kraken from the deep sending ships to their doom. One such ship was the Admiral Von Trump, the wreck of which is at the bottom of this picture.