Studio Work

andrew blakey | Light Reading

Light Reading

Reading by the light of suspended edison lightbulbs whist leaning against a wall, nothing strange there
andrew blakey | Puppet on a string

Puppet on a string

a puppet character portrait. Release Available upon request
andrew blakey | Pour


water flows over a womans face as she screams, release available upon request
andrew blakey | Wall Of water

Wall Of water

A wall of water starts to collide with a womans face, release available upon request
andrew blakey | Bad Habits

Bad Habits

woman sat at a card table dressed as a man with a neon sign behind her
andrew blakey | Gangster


a woman suited and booted ready for action
andrew blakey | Patience


woman sat at a table playing cards
andrew blakey | the card player

the card player

a mono atmospheric image woman in a smokey room playing cards at a table , release available on request
andrew blakey | dark woman

dark woman

a woman lit in a film noir style
andrew blakey | Gangster


portrait of a woman Suited and meaning business release available upon request
andrew blakey | film noir portrait

film noir portrait

woman leaning on a table in a vintage dress