Rawshutterbug  | Female Eclectus Parrot

Female Eclectus Parrot

A female Eclectus Parrot with its bright blue and red feathers. Parrots are monogamous - they mate for life. Parrots are omnivores (eating meat and vegetables). There lifespan is about 80 years. 130 species are listed as near threatened or worse by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.
Rawshutterbug  | Inca Tern Sea Bird

Inca Tern Sea Bird

The Inca Tern also called the Larosterna inca, a uniquely plumaged sea bird that breeds on the coastline of Peru and Chile. Easily recognizable by it's white moustache.
Rawshutterbug  | Bush Stone-Curlew

Bush Stone-Curlew

This is the bush thick-knee, also known as the bush stone-curlew standing on one leg in the sand. A ground-dwelling bird that originates from Australia.
Rawshutterbug  | Shoebill


A Shoebill, also known as shoe-billed stork or whalehead is standing still in the long grass. They can wait patiently for fish to come to the top, a behaviour known as stalking or lurking, standing still for hours at the same spot observing the holes in the floating vegetation for prey.
Rawshutterbug  | Portrait Of A Flamingo

Portrait Of A Flamingo

Flamingo Portrait. The pink or reddish colour of flamingos comes from carotenoids in their diet of animal and plant plankton. These carotenoids are broken down into pigments by liver enzymes. A flamingo's beak has is like a filter, which is used to remove food from the Water. They feed from brine shrimp and blue-green algae.
Rawshutterbug  | Robin


Little Robin in the woods
Rawshutterbug  | Robin Redbreast

Robin Redbreast

The Robin, the common favourite is easily recognised by most people. With its bright red breast it is familiar throughout the year.
Rawshutterbug  | Beautiful Swan

Beautiful Swan

A white swan portrait. Photographed at the Chasewater Country Park in Staffordshire England. I applied a white vignette to this image.
Rawshutterbug  | Peacock


A Peacocks with selective colouring to show off the vivid blue.
Rawshutterbug  | Baby Bird

Baby Bird

A baby hedge sparrow looking straight into the camera with a bright green background.
Rawshutterbug  | Robin


A close-up of Robin getting some seeds.
Rawshutterbug  | White Stork Nest

White Stork Nest

A white stork nest with 2 storks. The male attending to his mate . Wings spread out.
Rawshutterbug  | Close-Up Griffon Vulture

Close-Up Griffon Vulture

A close-up of this Griffon vulture with a green background.
Rawshutterbug  | Griffon Vulture Portrait

Griffon Vulture Portrait

A close-up of this Griffon vulture with a green background.
Rawshutterbug  | Ostrich Close-Up

Ostrich Close-Up

A close-up of an Ostrich face.
Rawshutterbug  | Face Of A Griffon Vulture

Face Of A Griffon Vulture

A close-up of this Griffon vultures head.