Tractors and Farm machinery

Rob Hawkins | McCormick Ploughing

McCormick Ploughing

McCormick Model H tractor ploughing at the 2016 Great Dorset Steam Fair
Rob Hawkins | Fordson and the Baler

Fordson and the Baler

A Fordson standard E27N petrol tvo tractor powering a Hay baler machine at the 2014 Great Dorset Steam Fair
Rob Hawkins | Fordson and the Fergie

Fordson and the Fergie

vintage Fordson and Ferguson tractors
Rob Hawkins | The Tractor and the Chicken

The Tractor and the Chicken

Fordson Standard 'N' vintage tractor and a Bantam chicken wandering around the courtyard at Home Farm Beamish
Rob Hawkins | Fordson Custom

Fordson Custom

a customised Fordson Tractor at the 2016 Stourport vintage rally
Rob Hawkins | Loch Lomond tractor

Loch Lomond tractor

a classic unrestored tractor on the banks of Loch Lomond, Scotland
Rob Hawkins | The Old Green one

The Old Green one

A weather worn classic tractor in a Cornish farmyard
Rob Hawkins | Kilmersdon Fergie

Kilmersdon Fergie

Peckett steam loco Kilmersdon on display at the West Somerset Railway steam Fayre with a Ferguson T20 tractor with swinging saw bench in the foreground