Natalie Kinnear | Apple Slices

Apple Slices

This is a photographic image of a single, mainly red, apple, sliced horizontally into four sections, set against a white background.
Natalie Kinnear | Three Red Cherries

Three Red Cherries

This is a digitally composed image of three red cherries set against a white background. The compilation was created using a photograph of a single cherry, so the cherries are all the same. The three shiny red cherries are evenly spaced horizontally across the frame.
Natalie Kinnear | Teapot


This is a minimalist, black and white, photographic image of part of a beautifully curved and shiny teapot set against a white background. This is a very contemporary work.
Natalie Kinnear | Refreshing Orange Slices

Refreshing Orange Slices

This is a digitally compiled bright orange image where a macro photograph of a slice of orange has been used to create an orange slices design across the frame. The orange slices overlap from left to right of frame. The orange slice on the right handside overlaps from the opposite direction creating a nicely eye catching design.