5.Flowers and Floral Images

Jacqueline Elmslie | White Cosmos Flower

White Cosmos Flower

A white cosmos on a painted background. White cosmos are beautiful summery flowers which attract bees and hoverflies and last into late summer.
Jacqueline Elmslie | Pink Phalaenopsis Orchid

Pink Phalaenopsis Orchid

A pink phalaenopsis orchid flower, also called a moth orchid for its delicate flower hovering over the stem, is fairly easy to look after and available from most supermarkets.
Jacqueline Elmslie | Red Rose

Red Rose

A red Ena Harkness, heavily scented, rose bud with a bokeh background
Jacqueline Elmslie | Soft Pink Cyclamen

Soft Pink Cyclamen

A cluster of dark pink cyclamen with their deep green leaves against a blurred background of more flowers
Jacqueline Elmslie | New Dawn

New Dawn

A cluster of delicate pale pink New Dawn roses. Each fragile scented rose lasts only a day.
Jacqueline Elmslie | Pink Angelique Tulip

Pink Angelique Tulip

Two pink tulips over a black background make a dramatic piece of wall art
Jacqueline Elmslie | Red Rosebud

Red Rosebud

One romantic red rose bud in soft focus on a soft background
Jacqueline Elmslie | Romantic Peach Rose

Romantic Peach Rose

A beautiful rose in a delicate shade of peach or peachy orange
Jacqueline Elmslie | Rose With One Teardrop

Rose With One Teardrop

A beautiful scented hybrid tea rose in a delicate shade of peach.
Jacqueline Elmslie | Just Joey

Just Joey

An orange hybrid tea rose called Just joey still in bud against a dark background
Jacqueline Elmslie | Yellow Summer Daisies with Butterfly

Yellow Summer Daisies with Butterfly

A garden full of summery yellow coreopsis daisies with one orange butterfly
Jacqueline Elmslie | Red Rosebud

Red Rosebud

Just one perfect red rosebud
Jacqueline Elmslie | Red rose with vintage old lace

Red rose with vintage old lace

A full blown red rose on a piece of vintage old lace with out of focus roses in the background
Jacqueline Elmslie | Frosted Seedhead

Frosted Seedhead

A macro shot of a seedhead covered in thick frost crystals and lit up by the setting sun
Jacqueline Elmslie | Red Rose After The Storm

Red Rose After The Storm

A beautiful scented red rose, Climbing Ena Harkness, after a rain storm
Jacqueline Elmslie | Pink Astrantia Flowers

Pink Astrantia Flowers

Pink Astrantia flowers have a papery spiky feel like everlasting flowers. Here they are on a soft textured background.
Jacqueline Elmslie | Gaillardia Flowers with Painted Effect

Gaillardia Flowers with Painted Effect

A hardy annual, gaillardia flowers are bright and summery in the summer border
Jacqueline Elmslie | Raindrops on Rose Bud

Raindrops on Rose Bud

A single rose bud macro with multiple tiny drops of rain
Jacqueline Elmslie | Pink Rhodododendron

Pink Rhodododendron

Macro of a large flowered pink rhododendron called Pink Pearl
Jacqueline Elmslie | Tai Haku - the Great White Cherry

Tai Haku - the Great White Cherry

The Japanese cherry tree called Tai Haku, also known in Japan as the Great White Cherry, grows to a very large tree which looks magnificent in springtime when covered in great swathes of delicate white blossoms.
Jacqueline Elmslie | Tulip in the Rain

Tulip in the Rain

A delicate macro of an Angelique pink tulip caught in the rain
Jacqueline Elmslie | Red Fuchsia Flowers

Red Fuchsia Flowers

A closeup image of a group of dangling red fuchsia flowers
Jacqueline Elmslie | A Pair of Daffodils

A Pair of Daffodils

Memories of spring with a pair of golden daffodils catching the sun
Jacqueline Elmslie | Yellow Flag Iris

Yellow Flag Iris

A beautiful wild flower, the yellow flag with its lush green swordlike leaves, iris grows best in wet, marshy places.
Jacqueline Elmslie | Glistening White Fungi

Glistening White Fungi

A trio of beautiful glistening white fungi ( possibly Angel's Bonnet ? ) artfully growing on a decaying log in beech woodlands