Night Photography

Trevor Goose | Night Bus

Night Bus

A London night bus passing the gates of Greenwich University
Trevor Goose | Moon Halo

Moon Halo

A full moon complete with halo shining down on an old fishing boat. A fun shot to take. While running around with a torch lighting the boat in the foreground. As I was running back to finish the shot I stumbled on the stony beach and the car keys fell out of my pocket. Spent a good 10 minutes afterwards trying to find my keys or I wasn't getting home that night.
Trevor Goose | Canary Wharf at Night

Canary Wharf at Night

Canary Wharf at Night as seen from Greenland Dock, Surrey Quays, London
Trevor Goose | Dungeness Lighthouse at Night

Dungeness Lighthouse at Night

The new lighthouse at Dungess shining in the darkness