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Frank Etchells

Hello and "Thank you" for popping in to read something about "me" and what may motivate my photography. I appreciate your interest and I hope you will find my images worthy to consider to occupy a cherished place on one - or more - of the walls in your home.

I am now 'retired' having reached that certain age and presently live in Somerset from where I travel to various areas of the West Country. As a child I travelled outside the UK to various countries 'by default' with my father serving in the British Army; East Africa, Hong Kong and Germany as well as various placements in the UK.

My father 'did photography' (film) and his own developing and printing. Like many it was to record various things going on around him through life; family, travel, Army life - some similar reasons that what started me off...

Thankyou again for visiting and taking a look.

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