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Steam On A Rainy Day., Paul Williams


Paul Williams


Born in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, England and have lived in many places in the UK . I now live in retirement in the Mexican Caribbean.

As a young boy i was always facinated by photography and after my first box Brownie i inherited my fathers German cameras, which eventually failed with broken bellows etc. My first SLR was an Olympus OM10, which was small and compact which i took everywhere.

 Later I used a  Nikon Coolpik compact camera, lightweight and small. Great for those hiking trips and sightseeing. Now of course the DSLR is the camera of choice and after a Canon 450D and a Rebel T5 I now use a Nikon P900.

My subject matter was always varied. As an artist i used my camera for taking notes for my paintings (which i still do) which invariably included steam locomotives and railway subjects for which i had a great interest. 

I would like to share my work and hope you enjoy my photographs as much as I do. Thank you.


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