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Having always had a passion in photography since an early age, I have gone on to univercity to study it and make it my profession. My passion has always lain prodomently in wildlife and landscapes but I am a firm believer that a photogrpaher should be proficient in all forms of photogrpahy, hence when someone asks what can you do I say everything. Studio photography is a different animal and I must profess I prefer dealing with natural light.

I was always taught a photo should tell a story and like all art that story can be translated in any way that the viewer percieves. I can give you a summary of a photo in the description telling you what I got from the photo, but the best thing is you can look at it and see something completley different.

I hope you enjoy my photos and they bring something to your home, office or where ever you display them that makes you smile or contimplait every time you see them.

Thanks for taking your time to look over my profile.

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