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Misty Sunrise Through the Woodlands, Adrian Campfield


Adrian Campfield

I Love making nature come alive to all that view my images!!

I have been a very keen photographer for well over 25 years now as well as a wildlife artist. I love getting up early for sunrises capturing the early light and the weather that the morning brings especially fog and mist these are my real passions. I am always on the look out for the unusual trying to break away from the normal ideas of photography, as with sunrise and sunset images we all like them and take them but I try and step out of the box and present that little bit of a difference to what we see. I have won a number of photographic competitions, My most famous one was when I won the BBC COUNTRY FILE PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPETITION in 2003 here in England! have written articles and appeared in photography magazines such as Amateur Photographer, Practical Photography, Digital Camera to name but a few, I sell my images all over the world

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