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Having grown from humble beginnings that involved selling a few prints locally I am now proud to supply high quality products to customers worldwide. My photography started as a local landscape photographer here in west Yorkshire and has taken me to every corner of God’s own Country.The variety of sensational landscapes that Yorkshire has to offer can and often does take your breath away. I have some deep rooted pride when I see these areas as if I was responsible for creating them, but no it wasn’t me, I only create the images. One thing that I have learned over the years is that I no longer take photographs, it is more about putting the image together, composition and movement, the lighting and cloud formation all goes into creating a better image, The locations that I seem to be drawn to are the Yorkshire Dales, the hills and valleys of the rolling Dales, and the North Yorkshire moors, with the coastal locations and fishing villages dotted up the east coast, and then there is Whitby, well as a Yorkshire man it is like a moth to a flame, we have to go.


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